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How 1,000s of Pet Owners are helping their Pets from Home.

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Proven Technology, Now Available at Home?

  • Increase mobility

  • Hip Dysplasia

  • Overuse injuries

  • Reduce Inflammation

  • Pain Reduction

  • Accelerate Healing

Many of us know this technology works as it's proven by 1000s of veterinarians for animals in various stages of their life.

So what was the biggest problem?

Expense and Time going into clinics. 

It can be $80-100 per session several times per week.

And the time required is a little over an hour with driving included. 

However, this is where Helio Pet created the Pain Medic, as now you can use the LLLT technology, in the comfort of your own home! 

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Who is this Best for?

This is best for big or small pets struggling with arthritis, pain while walking, or decreased energy while moving around. 

This device works regardless of size or how much fur because this device is powerful enough to penetrate deep, providing relief and accelerates the natural healing process. 

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Whether it's severe pain or acute, It typically takes a week to see a noticeable difference in your pet's health when you use it 4 times a week!

  • Jane A.

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Our Vet was surprised by the progress!

"She went from having a hard time getting out of bed in the mornings. To becoming a lot more agile and back to her happy self!! She's such a joy. I swear by this product now. "

  Step 1: How this Relieves Pain?

  • Safe

  • Pain Free

  • Effective

Here's what makes this different than just giving pills.

Once the light is applied, 2 things begin to happen:

In the first few minutes... the light decreases nerve sensitivity by decreasing bradykinin; a pain eliciting chemical. 

Next, it releases natural endorphins which is your body’s natural reliever, along with releasing enkephalins which together produce a pain-blocking effect. 

But this is NOT the main benefit of this therapy...

The main benefit is below... 

  Step 2: Soothes Pain for Lasting Relief.

The main benefit of the Helio Pet is the healing and anti inflammatory properties of using this type of therapy.

When applied, photons of light penetrate deep into the tissue increasing ATP in cells accelerating cellular reproduction and growth. As a result: this helps the cells of tendons, ligaments, nerves and muscles repair faster

Think of this as supercharging the targeted area.

Long Term Relief. 

1 treatment can stimulate ALL layers from the tissues, muscles, and joints

The key to positive effects is to help reduce inflammation while stimulating the bodies natural healing process. This is how we can achieve a lasting positive effect. 

By using LLLT, it can accelerate this healing process, reduce the inflammation on the targeted area while naturally decreasing pain. It's one of the few options that does this naturally.

  But Here's the Common Mistake...

Many devices simply won’t make it through the skin/fur barrier.

1. Most do not have enough output (irradiance).

2. Or, have a tiny focused beam that can often be too hot on the pet.

This is why Helio Pet created this.

There are 3 important requirements to make this an effective option.

1. No excessive Heat

2. Therapeutic power dosage (Joules)

3. Effective and accurate wavelengths (nm)

 1.  Engineered for Safety first. No Excessive Heat.

Comfortable for the Pet.

  • Safe

  • Comfortable

  • Effective

This means no discomfort. 

It's Very Relaxing :)

UPDATE: Product is currently in stock and offering over 50% OFF! That’s the lowest price that has ever been offered! Check here for availability.

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This does not deliver a hot treatment.

This unit uses cold laser therapy technology combined with a carefully crafted prism for heat reduction delivering a cool and safe light treatment. 

Because of this, pets tend to love their sessions.

The light only raises the temperature of the directly treated area by a few degrees while soothing, relaxing the surrounding muscles and increasing blood circulation to the spot.

 2.  Full Treatment in Minutes.

This unit has 3 modes to adjust the power depending on the area used.

Problem Area

Average Session times

Hip Dysplasia

3 Minutes


2 minutes


2 minutes

Back Pain

3 minutes

And More!

+10 other areas

Unique Features: This device has 2 features Pet owners love.

1. The Head is 340% bigger so it can finish a treatment in 3 minutes, vs 10-20 minutes.

2. Has 5 Dense Laser Diodes with 3 Modes of Power to accommodate to any area of treatment. It also uses wavelengths 660nm and 850nm.

Perfect for Restless Pets.

Point, Click, Done.

This is perfect for pets who get restless easilybecause session times are finished in 2-3 minutes rather than 10-20 min.

This is because of the delivered dose per area as the unit can cover the problem spot + the surrounding problem area.

This means: Put on problem spot, hold on area, Done!

Not having a large enough surface area would lead to very long treatment times as you move the device around in order to cover the spot.


Pain Medic by Helio Pet

Power and Wavelengths

It’s required to have a strong enough output power of 3-10 Joules per cm2 with correct wavelengths (660nm + 850nm).

Not affected by fur

3 modes allow you to determine strength going deeper than any topicals or alternatives.

Quick treatment times

This treatment can be done in 3-7 minutes vs others can be 10-30 minutes.

Pain Free & Safe

No excessive heat and goggles will be included. Full instructions should be followed.

Save $1,000s Per Year

Replace less effective at-home options with this saving time and money.

Why is it Recommended?

Helio Pet device has substantially higher "Irradiance" which is hard to achieve unless engineered correctly, needs to be safe yet effective. 

Why is this important?

If a device can’t make it through the skin barrier/fur, it will be unlikely to produce positive effects thus wasting valuable time trying to help your pet.

This is called having poor “irradiance”.

Try at home: You can do a simple test with other units by putting this behind fabric or your hand to see the amount of light that is able to pass through.  

Where Can I Order This?

You can order the Helio Pet from the Website here. They ship within 24 hours from Arizona, Mon-Fri. If you click the link and they say they are out of stock then you can always check back at a later time.

This product is finally back in stock and available directly on their website. Get yours on sale now, only while supplies last!

  • BE ADVISED: This has completely sold out twice in the past several months, so please hurry if interested.

How to Use It Properly?

Comes with step by step instructions.

The Helio Pet is very simple to use and requires just 10-15 min per day 4 times per week. It comes with comprehensive videos and tutorials on how to get the most out of it.


Turn on to desired strength, depending on area.


Sessions typically take 3-7 minutes on the targeted areas.


Done! You can use on other areas or place device on charger. 

A note to our readers:

We love how 1,000s of families finding relief with this - I am writing this article to be truly helpful, regardless if that’s with us or not. My goal is to give detailed information so you can make the best decision for you and your pet! ❤️ We hope you find this helpful!


Linda B.

Absolutely love this product! We have a terrier, she's been struggling for a few years but these last couple months pushed us to look at more options. We didn't like giving her medication because it changed her personality, it took about a month for us and yes this has helped immensely. I do recommend giving this a try. I'll post a video of her, we are so happy.

5 minutes ago

Robert G.

Huge improvement for me and my pup! I have gone to the vet for treatments and it has helped both our pups, but it is a time consuming process and yes a little pricey going there. I see this does the same if not better and I've been using it on my hands as well.

11 minutes ago

Ally S.

Works for me! I've actually exchanged mine for the extra strength and found it to be better for what I was looking for, wonderful company, got mine in a few days, no complaints here!

23 minutes ago

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