This is what Chiropractors Don’t Want You to Know.

All about Neck pains, Headaches, and Shoulder Tension.

By Jill Peterson

June 29th, 2021

Nagging neck pain? It's pretty common. 

Especially with the rising use of mobile devices and computers, which compel people to crane their necks at awkward angles. It’s no wonder this issue is becoming more common.

“The neck has to support that heavy bowling ball on top.”

So what is the solution? Going to the Chiropractor and get weekly treatments? It’s an expensive and time consuming option that many are looking alternatives for.

Thankfully, there is an alternative we have been hearing from our readers.

A US-based startup company has come up with a new innovative and inexpensive device that is relieving neck pain and tense shoulders in the comfort of your own home, with out the expensive costs.

What is it?

It's called the Pain Medic Pro™.  It is a new patented neck relief pillow that loosens, stretches and relives tension stored in the neck by using the same techniques found with a chiropractor. It takes just 10 minutes a day!

It’s fully portable too, so you can bring it anywhere you want! It's perfect for long car rides or just to bring with you on the couch.

How to use it, takes 10 minutes


Position where comfortable and slowly relax head back until you feel a light stretch.


This versatile pillow can be used along side of a couch or pillow to increase desired stretch.


The pressure points loosen up tight muscles and relaxes the pain away with just 10 minutes of use.

Is it Relaxing?

Yes. This tool helps stretch the neck while pressing on key trigger points that relive tension. This lifts the pressure off the neck, gently stretches the vertebrae and improves the range of motion.

With several ways to use whether its on the floor, side of the bed, or on the couch, it’s a convenient and simple at home solution. 

By simply adjusting the angle of the pillow, you control the comfort and intensity of the stretch. You can always increase the intensity of the stretch as you become acclimated.

“Feels amazing, I use it 3 times a week for 5-10 minutes and just lay on the floor... I take deep breaths and relax. I look forward to using it every time.”

After what time can I see the results?

Users are reporting that they saw a difference after the first couple uses just 10 minutes per day. Significant changes were seen after a month of using this device.

The best part is it’s very easy to stick too since it feels incredible. And because it’s convenient and doesn’t take much time, this is a powerful way to help relieve the nagging neck pain.

Chiropractors may not be too happy about this but it seems that some are adopting this convenient solution and offering it in their practice as a take home service.

Where Can I order this?

You can order directly from the Website here. If you click the link and they say they are out of stock then you can always check back at a later time. They ship within 24 hours and delivery takes anywhere from 1-4 days.

Update: Product is currently in stock and offering over 50% OFF! That’s the lowest price that has ever been offered! 

56 minutes ago

If you are struggling with a constant stiff neck, and want a reliable solution that massages the pain away check out this popular product here that 1,000 of others are raving about! Get yours on sale now, only while supplies last!


Dustin B.

My wife bought the KoreSphere to help relieve her sore muscles after a workout, but I discovered that it’s truly FANTASTIC for treating my chronic neck pain! I’ve tried all sorts of massage therapy devices in the past, but the ability to use KoreSphere as a cold pack and massager at the same time really is a game changer!

9 minutes ago

Clifford W.

As someone who likes to exercise regularly to keep fit, I’ve had more than my share of aches and pains. The KoreSphere provides greater relief for me than any other kind of device or therapy I’ve tried before. I gotta admit, I love my KoreSphere – it can make the difference between being kept awake all night by nagging pain and getting a full night of deep, relaxing sleep!

21 minutes ago

Latasha B.

I work as a waitress in one of the busiest restaurants in the city. After a long shift my feet would be killing me. I’m just so glad I discovered KoreSphere! I heat it up and roll my feet over it and it really soothes and relaxes the muscles in my feet! I bought one for each foot so I can sit in a chair and use them both at the same time!

44 minutes ago

If you are struggling with a constant stiff neck, and want a reliable solution that massages the pain away check out this popular product here that 1,000 of others are raving about! Get yours on sale now, only while supplies last!

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