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Stimulate healing & reduce pain.

Melanie Holder | Thursday, January 27, 2022

  How 1,000s are finding Relief with This

Many considering surgery or have constant aches and pains have now found relief with this new technology which uses LLLT (Low-Level-Light Therapy).

It's a new at-home safe alternative which provides deep penetrating pain relief to muscles, joints, nerves, and even bones.

It's a new at-home safe alternative which address various pain types whether it's joint pain, muscle soreness and more (more details will be covered in the article)

The best part is it takes as little as 15 minutes a day to start feeling results. 

It uses the same technology that originally was only available in expensive clinics, but now is available as an at home remedy, Meet the Pain Medic Device.

  Who is this for?

  • Knee Pain

  • Lower Back Pain

  • Neck Pain

  • Hands and Joints

This type of treatment is for anyone who wants to try a natural alternative to dealing with mild to severe daily aches and pains. It's been shown that the light therapy has no side effects.

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This can be done on your own time, at home and as frequent as desired. It is suggested to do at least 3 times per week!

  Step 1: How this Relieves Pain

  • Safe

  • Pain Free

  • Effective

Once applied, the light decreases nerve sensitivity by decreasing bradykinin; a pain eliciting chemical. 

After a few minutes, it releases your body’s natural endorphins which is your body’s natural reliever, along with releasing enkephalins which together produce a pain-blocking effect. 

However this effect becomes more prominent after several sessions and is not the main benefit of the product, the main benefit is below... 

  Step 2: Heals Pain for Lasting Relief

The main benefit of Pain Medic is the healing and anti inflammatory properties of using this type of therapy.

When applied, photons of light penetrate deep into the tissue increasing ATP in cells accelerating cellular reproduction and growth. As a result: the cells of tendons, ligaments, nerves and muscles are repaired faster

Think of this as supercharging the targeted area.

This type of treatment has been proven as it's it's currently used in clinics, however, clinics can be an expensive and inconvenient option as it takes several uses.

Luckily, the same technology has now been made available for at home use.

  Beware of this Common Mistake. 

Don't buy just any red light


Because most alternatives do not have the correct output power and do no more than standing under a household lamp or stop light …

So here are some tips to pick the best one.

There are 2 important requirements to make this an effective option.

1. Nanometer wavelengths.

2. Output power (joules)

Nanometer wave lengths are responsible for activating the right response from the body to increase circulation and activate the healing properties.

So what is recommended for pain? 

If you want a good device, the nm should have either 630 or 850nm. But if you want a great device then it should have BOTH.

  1 Treatment, Stimulates ALL Layers.

Having BOTH 650-850nm will have infrared and near infrared light to deliver the full spectrum wavelengths required for the mitochondria in the cells to respond.

This means in treatment - You are now stimulating ALL layers from the tissues, muscles, and joints to stimulate healing. 

  Stimulate All Layers

Power Output is responsible for pushing those wavelengths deep enough for the targeted area to respond.

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Without the right amount of power, the wavelength or nanometers won’t matter because they aren’t pushed deep enough to provide any results.

Below is a graph showing the power comparison.

   Power  Data 

We compared the Pain Medic device output power with other popular lights

The Pain Medic Device reaches 5x further than others while offering the full Red Light treatment spectrum. 

This is because Pain Medic uses Professional Grade Components along with a unique prism design in order to deliver the best results.

Pain Medic


Output Power of +30,000 Joules

It’s required to have a strong enough output power of +30,000 joules or more in a 10 minute session.

Stimulates all 3 layers for Relief

This delivers treatment deeper than any topicals or heat pads which means faster, longer lasting relief.

Quicker than Other Alternatives

This treatment can be done in 10-15 minutes vs other alternatives and physio sessions can be +1 hours.

Pain Free & Safe

There is an IR option that can also be used to help with pain as it stimulates circulation.

Save $1,000s Per Year

Replace other at home tools with this alternative saving time and money.

  Powerful and Effective

1,000s are using this and have positive improvements. This alternative can save over $5,000 per year from expensive alternatives.

Avoid Expensive Sessions

Use in the Comfort of your own home

Designed for joints and muscles

Use on the Go!

How to Use It Properly?

Comes with instructional videos.

The Pain Medic is very simple to use and requires just 10-15 min per day 4 times per week. It comes with comprehensive videos and tutorials on how to get the most out of it.


Turn on to desired strength, depending on area.


Use for 10-15 minutes, on targeted areas, or as desired.


Done! You can use on other areas or place device on charger. 

  Where Can I Order This?

You can order the Pain Medic from the Website here. If you click the link and they say they are out of stock then you can always check back at a later time. They ship within 24 hours and delivery takes anywhere from 1-4 days.

This product is finally back in stock and available directly on their website. Get yours on sale now, only while supplies last!

  • BE ADVISED: This has completely sold out twice in the past several months, so please hurry if interested.


Linda B.

Absolutely love this product! I have severe knee and back pain. I did not want to try the surgery route so I gave this a try, it does take time - for me after a few weeks of use, 4 times per week, this has helped immensely. I do recommend giving this a try.

5 minutes ago

Robert G.

Huge improvement for me! As someone who is 65 and tried everything, It certainly has done a more serious improvement than the standard heat pads or topicals. It took about 4 days for me to feel a big difference so yes, it's worth every penny.

11 minutes ago

Ally S.

Works for me! I've actually exchanged mine for the extra strength and found it to be better for me, wonderful company, got mine in a few days, no complaints here!

23 minutes ago

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